I also live stream using a Webcaster X2 - Facebook, Youtube.......

The whole production unit fits on a tripod with dolly so is a mobile live streaming unit.  Using this configuration I've live streamed many weddings, funerals and outdoor events


I can live stream from anywhere there is a mobile data connection

Use Where Ever You Want

Using the Blackmagic Mini Pro, up to 4 video inputs can be mixed and sent to your laptop as a webcamera input.  A separate mix of the audio can be made using multiple gun mics and radio mics


Have a professional broadcast cameraman vision mix your next live stream!

Do you need better quality than your laptop video camera?

Do you need better audio for your webcasting?


I can vision and audio mix and feed it back to you as a webcam input on your laptop

Professionally mixed cameras, including PC/laptop input, fed back into your system to use your regular streaming service


Using your regular streaming service, but giving that professional look

Use Your Own Streaming Service

Use Up To 4 Video Inputs

Use Your Own Laptop



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"THanks peter you did a great job...it worked well in dubai, Australia & Hong Kong. Thank you" - Andrew

Based in The Midlands, UK